Fazio Costruzioni boilers

Fazio Costruzioni boilers Trapani
The company is made up of professionals in the construction and sale of ovens, boilers, furnaces, fireplaces, and stoves in the region of Trapani.
More than 40 years of experience accumulated in the research and development of products of high quality has led to thermotechnic products which offer excellent value for money.

Fazio products are considered to be at the new frontier of ecology, given that they respect the environment, creating heat and energy from materials wrongly considered “waste materials”: pomace, pellets, almond shells, peanut shells, pistachio shells, wood briquettes and waste products from carpentry and combustion fumes.
Furthermore, different models of solar panel derive maximum energy from the sun – the latest generation of solar installations.

The aim is to provide energy, respect the environment and help our clients save money: this is the winning formula that has earned the respect and attention of the market for over 40 years.

Boilers – Fireplaces – Stoves

Thermotechnic boilers stoves Trapani
Fazio guarantees very high quality in its thermotechnic products, in the production and installation of boilers and stoves of various types in the area of Trapani.

Pellet boilers, corn boilers, sawdust and woodchip boilers: every model can be designed and installed even for complex heating systems, with solar energy coupling.

Sale of thermos-stoves and other thermal heating solutions, with free surveys and quotes in the region of Trapani and the whole of Sicily.

Fazio Costruzioni Termotecniche also offers fireplace heating solutions, a response to the new needs of heat and low consumption.

Types of fuels that can be used: wood, pomace, almond shells, hazelnut shells, wood pellets.

Solar panels

Solar panel Trapani

Discover the advantages of solar panel systems, a simple and workable solution, for the provision of a large quantity of hot water and the possibility of a supplementary electric source for different domestic needs.

Furnaces – Ovens – Barbecues

Furnaces ovens barbecues Fazio Trapani

Sale of furnaces for traditional bread or pizza ovens: solutions to enable quick and trustworthy regulation of temperature.
In the region of Trapani, fuels and biofuels for furnaces and other thermotechnic systems can easily be bought locally.

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